This is what happened when I, an alcoholic, gave up drinking for 80 days

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collage-2016-12-28.jpgIn the approach of the new year, we all have resolutions which we hope to fulfill, and for many, it’s to go sober. As a twenty four year old upon discovering that I had liver disease, I went from drinking 2-3 bottles of wine a day, to abstaining from alcohol entirely and lasted eighty days. To inspire others to do the same for the new year, I will be sharing the incredible, wondrous results.

Absence of pain – For me, this very one primary factor on it’s own made the whole abstinence worthwhile. The pains I chose to endure in my stomach through drinking were chronic. Secondly, the inflammation and pain in my liver completely subsided. About five weeks into my sobriety, I became aware of my liver regenerating, like a light stitch and spasming. The feeling was incomparable. Cherished.I generally felt about five years younger again.

Job – Since…

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