Drifting in and out of my Two Worlds

Drifting in and out of my Two Worlds follows the fascinating journey of a girl with the anxiety disorder, Selective Mutism. Based on a true story and written in the first-hand knowledge of a sufferer who overcome Selective Mutism, it is a unique story which will grip readers from all audiences. The story highlights the stark contrasts between her lives within and without of the school grounds, the nation’s incredible ignorance towards the disorder, how to deal with selective mutism, and the harrowing consequences of it being left untreated. Captivate yourself with the distressing twists of bullying throughout the years, a near-death experience, how she spoke in front of hundreds of people whilst entrenched with the mutism, and how she, being the only person in the knowledge of her disorder, spoke out about it to a teacher. As well as an engaging read, it is therapeutic, most informative and of great interest when understanding the difficulties children are faced with when they have an actual fear of speaking. 


Reviews – 

  • By Christina Harrison
    This book was an eye opener for me. My daughter was diagnosed with SM in 3rd grade. I learned so much in this book. It was a very emotional book for me because I had no idea how my daughter feels since she doesn’t open up. The part about not holding the pencil right, that is my daughter! So many similarities, and it’s nice to now know a lot of these things mentioned in this book are linked to SM. I bought multiple copies to share with friends, family, and teachers!
    By Debbie Moore
    This book is a blessing (particularly to parents) if you want to get inside the mind of a selective mutism sufferer. I could not get over how much Jess reminded me of my 8 yr old son when she was his age thanks to the great insights about the condition. Thank you so much for being brave enough to write about your challenging, dramatic experiences, I am amazed at your achievements. You are an inspiration to all selective mutism sufferers. Well done.
    By roger.close
    I read this book in one evening: couldn’t put it down. Thorpe lays bare what it is really like growing up with selective mutism in the home, at school and in her neighbourhood. Not only does her knowledge make it a “must read” for anyone wanting to learn more about the condition, the way her experiences are so honestly described make it a captivating read. Her descriptions of classmates are great. I particularly enjoyed the role cage football played in her well-being and how she first spoke to a teacher about the disorder. I have a son with selective mutism and this book was a godsend. It helped me think more about the importance of relationships. I suspect that many of Thorpe’s classmates will be surprised that they had such a talented author in their midst, but I believe that all top people have some obstacles to overcome that others may never know existed


Book can be purchased in Paperback and ebook below.



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